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Supporting Autism Management

The Florida Intercultural Academy - Center for Educational Partnerships, Inc offers innovative educational activities for children and young adults in the Caribbean and South Florida.  We work with all students but provide targeted support to programmes which improve the lives of children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders.. Specifically, our organization supports research and development education programs in Animation as well as reducing the risks associated with Air Pollution on Autism.

Learning through Animation

Some children along the autism spectrum have shown an interest in animated films and relax when watching the cartoons. In addition children with autism in many cases have gone on to use animation and inspire others to lead fulfilling lives. FIA:CEP partners with organizations to develop a range of Animated programs, that can assist with learning development in all children, and particularly those along the Autism spectrum.

Energy Innovations in Education

We also develop and deliver clean energy educational programs in schools.

While the increasing prevalence of autism has generated great interest in the potential involvement of toxins in our environment, our organization agrees with Autism Speaks’ (2018) environmental research that concludes none of these influences appears to “cause” or “prevent” autism by themselves. Rather they appear to simply influence "risk" in those genetically predisposed to the disorder.


We support Solar Head of State's first ever Jamaica Solar Competition – a national competition for young people from across the country to learn more about the benefits of renewable energy

Our Partners

Atlantic Clean Energy, Inc

Atlantic Clean Energy as a Clean and Renewable Fuels, Research and Development firm in Pembroke Pines Florida.

Board of Directors


  • Mr. Williams is founder and CEO of Williams Consulting and Energy. He is a trained Petroleum Engineer and he also has an Environmental MBA in Sustainable Development from Florida Atlantic University. Mr. Williams has researched and written about the development of CNG Vehicles and has worked as an Independent Project Consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank for Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy projects in the Caribbean for the past three years. Mr. Williams also has developed training programs in Environmental Management for the US Peace Corps and Florida Intercultural Academy. His academic background and experience with alternative energy education and environmental management for the past 15 years makes him a vital participant in any project that seeks to advance awareness and education about alternative fuels. 


  • Dr. Gwendolyn Purcell is an Educational Adviser with over 30 years of education experience. Once a classroom teacher, she never accepted anything less than superb evaluations, well-managed classrooms, and respect from all students and parents. As a business person, Dr. Purcell opened state funded charter schools in Florida in 2005 and 2011 until her retirement. She continues to provide advice to school districts, business clients, community leaders, church groups and local politicians. Dr. Purcell is also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer after having a successful tour of duty in Schools in Jamaica.


  • Dr Jacqueline Nelson Mangatal is a Doctor of Dental Surgery with her practice in Plantation Florida. She completed her D.D.S. degree at Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington D. C. A continuing quest for more knowledge led her to complete a two-year General Practice Residency at Montefiore Medical Center in New York where she was chief resident and an Advanced Education in General Dentistry at Nova Southeastern in Davie Florida. She is very active in education programs and promotes health and wellness programs for students in Florida and the Caribbean.

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